The approach to work of IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm is based on the concept of Preventive Law, as a modern approach in world legal practice, aimed at anticipating and avoiding legal problems and disputes.

The conventional legal method “da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius” (Give me the facts, I will give you the law), relies on the principle of identifying which law applies to a given case. As such represents a reactive method, because it reacts to a given case.

Whereas the Preventive approach, relies on the principle of – preventing the legal problem before it occurs, rather than treating the problem once it has already occurred.

The ultimate goal of such Preventive approach is to avoid or reduce the risks for the client typically of an economic nature, as well as to spare the client from entering into a long and high-cost judicial or administrative proceedings which are time and energy consuming, with economic uncertainty and emotional distress implied.

“The time to see an attorney is when you’re legally healthy — certainly before the advent of litigation, and prior to the time legal trouble occurs.” – Louis M. Brown

In order to ensure preventive legal protection, it is a precondition for the client to regularly seek prior legal consultation.

The constant legal support of the companies by a Law Firm inто their day –to day business operations, for the purposes of their regulatory compliance, is a necessity in the modern world, as the “periodical legal health check-ups” are for the individuals in to their everyday life.