About Us

General information

IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm is equipped to provide legal assistance for each different legal situation in which a legal entity (company, association or institution) or an individual might find itself in the day-to-day operation, respectively in the everyday life.

The focus and tendencies of practice of IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm are the Preventive Law method and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. 

The expertise of IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm includes advising companies on proper corporate governance, regulatory compliance, structuring contracts and conflict resolution – as measures of the Legal Risk Management.

IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm is specialized in providing Legal Due Diligence under Macedonian law and international conventions, including Human Rights Due Diligence for businesses – assessing human rights impacts, and advising on taking steps to avoid or mitigate human rights harm in the companies’ operation.

IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm provides legal services in the areas of the civil law, business law, administrative law and criminal law.

Work Ethics

In accordance with the limitations from the Code on Professional Ethics of Lawyers of the Macedonian Bar Association, the List of Clients of IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm, as well as the prices for services cannot be announced.

Considering the Code of Ethics forbids announcing the lawyer’s personal and professional qualities, IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm, shall oblige and shall only describe the methods and principles of work.

IVA PETROVSKA Law Firm in its practice regularly follows the amendments in the domestic regulations and the developments in the domestic legal practice, as well as the international trends in the legal literature and practice, especially the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The approach in the work of the Law Firm relies on the principles of the Preventive Law. The goal is to achieve preventive protection, under the motto – prevention of the legal problem rather than its treatment.

Preventive advocacy is achieved by:

  • proactive legal counselling
  • negotiating assistance and concluding settlements
  • contract formatting with detailed conditions
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a common name for all out-of-court dispute resolution methods.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution is a faster and more efficient way of resolving disputes, for citizens and businesses, compared to litigation which is expensive, depressingly slow and uncertain.

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser – in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.“ ― Abraham Lincoln

  • The revolution of the ADR mechanisms are yet to be recognized as mainstream, as the disadvantages of the litigation become more obvious.



The Law Firm offers integral and systematic approach in identifying and assessing risks, and consequently developing strategies and measures to prevent or reduce them, through advising on: appropriate decision-making, steps taken, application of regulation or status changes. Namely, we offer advising on preventing or reducing the:

  • Structural risks (arising from the organizational structure of the company and from the management decisions);
  • Compliance risks (arising from the obligation to comply with the relevant regulations);
  • Contractual risks (arising from contracts and other relationships with third parties); and
  • Risks of litigation (arising from the possibility of being a party to civil, criminal court proceedings).

The work of the Law Firm is organized on the principles of “Legal Project Management” (LPM). This means a strategic and comprehensive approach in managing each legal project or case, that is organization, coordination and control of the activities of each actor in the process (client, expert, translator, notary, enforcement agent, state official and opposing party), all for the best possible outcome for the client –which is efficiently completed project, or :

  • on timely manner,
  • in a cost-effective way and
  • according to an appropriate standard.

The approach of the Law Firm in each legal project or case, respects the following aspects of the process:

  • taking time to fully understand client requirements ;
  • thorough analysis and paying appropriate attention to detail;
  • strategic planning – meeting timescales, resources and budgets;
  • organizing the work activities and handling the logistics of the process;
  • monitoring and keeping informed each interested party of the developments;
  • dealing effectively with unforeseen circumstances.




Founder Ms. Iva Petrovska, Attorney at Law

Expert Study by author Iva Petrovska, from the Law Firm IVA PETROVSKA Skopje, published in the professional journal “Legal Dialogue“, edition No. 22, issued by the Institute for Human Rights (IHR) in Skopje, on 10th December 2020, under the title:

“The Need for Determination of the Right to Revision in the Procedure for Exequatur, with the purposes of Complying with the Admissibility Criteria from Article 35 of the ECHR “.


Legal consultant Mr. Vlado Petrovski

- Expert in the fields of Energy, Foreign Trade Relations, Labor Relations, Property Legal Relations, Contractual relations and Public Procurement Procedures

Mr. Vlado Petrovski is a law graduate with 35 years of experience in practicing law in the field of Energy – oil industry and natural gas, in managerial positions in the companies Makpetrol AD Skopje and PE GA-MA Skopje (currently GA-MA AD Skopje).

Outsourcing legal services

In order to improve productivity, as well as to respond to the clients’ needs most efficiently, and in line with the global trend in the legal practice, The Law Firm uses Outsourcing legal services from local attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and accountants.

Cooperation with eminent experts

The Law Firm has established regular cooperation with eminent experts from various fields of expertise (law, finance, psychiatry, architecture and construction), estimators, surveyors, companies for authorized translation, accounting firms, enforcement agents and notary publics.